It’s Time For An Upgrade

A new look, cool features and customized solutions to meet all your vehicle purchasing needs

IBC Auto unveils its newly updated website engineered to provide a great browsing experience,  as evidenced by its Google page speed grade. A clean, uncomplicated design, enhanced functionality, and elevated content, intended to make purchasing your dream car a more exciting and fulfilling experience. IBC Auto provides users a more functional and efficient homepage with a new search bar that can be customized by adding filters like the make, model, year, country, and steer side of the vehicle. This function tags stocks and categorizes them, allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for. IBC Auto is focused on providing seamless navigation as well as valuable user insights. Introducing the Wall of Fame which showcases a selection of top-performing models, giving users an idea of what their next vehicle could be. Also, keep an eye out for IBC Auto’s 360-degree car view technology, which generates a virtual showroom where users can inspect from all angles.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover our new website features designed to make your vehicle-purchasing experience a smooth journey. The new website is now live.

Check it out here